Sunday, December 25, 2016

Santa thought I was good......and don't you tell him otherwise

Collette of What about Rheema made me this
ornament last year
this still my heart....
she gave me a gift certificate to Missouri Star
I KNOW  my FAV place!
how sweet is she?

and of course I showed you what my niece made me

hubs and I do not exchange gifts
we get what we need year round so why spend money
just to get a gift?  We both got new computers this year
and he got the used car to replace his
I think that is enough don't you? LOL
I did get him a box of sugar free Russel Stovers
I didnt know they made them! hee hee

work gave us a ton of nice things
they started on Thurs with a beautiful arrangement of flowers
then on Friday we received a piece of luggage
AND it was filled with all kinds of goodies!
a pr of pjs, Godiva chocolates, a blanket, two gift cards over 100 dollars
lipstick, face serum
WOW  I guess they LIKE us LOL

my boss got me a nice sweater
her boss got me a gift card to the local coffee stop
the salesman got me a gift card to a local restaurant
 I guess I HAVE been a good girl!

Hope your Christmas was Merry and bright!

2 comments: said...

Wait luggage where is the trip? I think you deserve a 2 day stay at a luxury spa.

Julierose said...

How wonderful was that? Happiest of Christmases to you and rich from your "eagle-eyed" gal bud ;))) Julierose P.S. My Santa got me the engagement ring we couldn't afford when we got married 51 yrs ago--Whoa--so grateful...will post pix soon...