Friday, December 9, 2016


I used to have some stockings in plaid
with white top and our names on them
they were made by me and all lined and nice

over the years they got taken home by the wrong
person and never brought back etc so
last year I got two of these

Usually I fill BOTH of them as we have grandkids
over Christmas eve and this is what
Grammie and Grampie open
(my son usually gives us a gift card in a Christmas card)

this year we are not sure if they are coming or not
so asked hubs if he wanted me to fill them or just leave
for decoration
first he said dont fill them
I'm good with that........we really dont NEED anything
then last week when he saw them hanging he said lets fill them
so I ordered a strawberry rhubarb jam sugar free for him
(he was saying how he now cant have mine)
it came in and I was going to put it in the stocking

then he says you know what? lets not because then I have to fill yours
(can you tell he is a bah humbug?) I said I would fill it
(heck I just made Jenny a little richer buying up things and
connecting thread with their dollar threads  I could surely fill mine
with all that and be done with it)

I said you sure? he goes yep
so I gave him the jam
now he goes what can I put in your stocking from Joannes?
I THINK I will take them DOWN as decorations as he will 
drive me bonkers not knowing am I filling or not
hate to buy things just to buy them especially when money is tight
Do YOU fill stockings?

3 comments: said...

It was his evil ploy for you to give him his gifts early. Now if he says fill them again he would get a 2nd round, and possibly a 3rd. :D

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You filled and made my stocking - thank you very much. I am not decorating this year

Julierose said...

I just loved my stocking--can't wait to see the goodies inside...hugs and thanks Julierose