Tuesday, December 6, 2016

the tree is trimmed.........

this is last years tree
I think  this year I either made bigger gifts
or more of them LOL

it covers the whole corner and I put the tree up higher
so I could fit more around it 

see what I mean? 
and I see an ornament that my blogging friend
Collette gave me. I dont put too many
ornaments on as you can see because of the cats
and that's ok with me.....

I couldnt even fit it in one picture
I KNOW! crazy!
anyway I am so happy with what I have this year
and am hoping that the recipients love
them too!

this wreath is from my brother 
from Maine
isnt it full and beautiful? 
I just added the berries
the lady that made them had the
pinecones and bows already on
wish she lived closer
she gets 15 for them
I could doctor them up a bit and
resell for sure
LL Bean would get about 50  isnt that sad?
but I was lucky! I got mine for a few jars
of caramel apple jam LOL
how is your Christmas list coming?

tree up..........check
wreath on door..........check
bear sewn and wrapped...........check
cards done and mailed..........check
boxes done and mailed.........check
(just have daughters to do when stuff comes in)

I am ALMOST ready LOL
of course I have the three deer to do
and the bear

oh yeah and guess what brother said when I told him 
I was making Dad a bear quilt
he laughed and said Dad hates bears
what?  so now looking for a deer panel in my stash
for the back. I will make it reversible thats all

never can be smooth sailing can it?


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Um.....she says looking a bit sheepish, not one darn thing completed. :D

barbara woods said...

me either! what Colette said. Still working on mine but I did get the tree up , will fluff on it a couple of days before I start hanging