Sunday, December 11, 2016

working on Dads gift

remember this bear quilt I started?  yeah for "Papa Bear?" my Dad
well when I saw brother I asked him if they were
spending Christmas here or in Maine
and told him I was making Dad a quilt
(the rest of my siblings always last minute
want to go in on a gift together which is fine
but I am not deciding 2 days before Christmas
so I am the rebel LOL)
anywho, he proceeds to laugh and tell me
"Dad HATES bears"

he goes yeah he hates bears.
NOW WHAT do I do????

so Jenny to the rescue,,,,,,,,,she had this deer panel
so I got it and she shipped it you know with all the angels and white horses
etc and I proceeded to piece it large enough
to be the reverse side of the bear.
THAT WAY he can always turn it to the deer side right?

so as soon as I can get this ironed and layered and simple line
quilted I will have Dad done..........

reminds me of the song the 12 pains of Christmas!

my version below.......

cleaning up the cat puke
no battery for the camera
not enough Christmas cards
where is that stupid roll of tape?
aw come on where is the address book?
cleaning a spitting Keurig
cookie sprinkles on the floor
changing quilting plans more than once
out of stock on gifts
stamps? wheres the stamps to mail cards?
do these stupid scissors even cut?
what do you mean you moved? your package is mailed

UGH.......hope YOUR Christmas isnt painful  LOL

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3 comments: said...

ROFL or I have to work overtime can you watch the boys more, and arguing with the AO to get things done.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Christmas season is always painful for me! Everything always seems to go wrong. I'm having computer problems. Worst time ever for that! Hope yours gets better!!

barbara woods said...

Its. Hard but we will get through it and the next couple of weeks, got to quilt 4 more quilts and bind them