Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January recap

the farmgirl blocks were chosen........

scraps were turned into mugrugs and one given 

more scraps were tamed into 
another leader ender
crumb quilt

Pat Sloan twisted my arm
(she DID you should see the bruise!)
and so I made four   FIVE of her winter solstice blocks
loving them so far.......

more scraps were tamed 
into making this Valentine topper 
for one of my nieces
she loved it
(I gave it to her already)

this leader ender project 
was put into a flimsy top
no borders yet
and not sure if there will be or not
just mulling.........

more farmgirl play
made four............

no wait! FIVE blocks total.......

I will do the embroidery on them later
I also hemmed pants 
and started working on the deer

THAT was supposed to be the MAIN focus
but I feel like I can work on it now
I think it was just too close to making
the other three
that the thought of a ANOTHER one
was not thrilling me........

what have YOU done in Jan?

yeah MORE stuff I wasnt supposed to work on......

sigh.......I am a BAD BAD girl I guess
but I think I got a lot done.......

Monday, January 30, 2017

I am so weak

remember these gifted squares from Sharon?
she KNOWS I cant resist playing
(enabler) LOL

so play turned into over 80- 4 patch blocks

they are like potato chips you know
sewed a light to a dark
then made 4 patches
no rhyme nor reason
then I found Bonnie Hunters book
that was given to me
the cover is her Nantucket quilt
and YOU know what happens next, right?

get down on the "design floor" and play

this picture took about 4 tries to get
Dunkin kept
"rearranging the blocks" for me
but I kinda like this
I am not usually a "red" kinda gal
but I was gifted some red fat quarters
that I think went nicely with the blocks
I see another UFO.........LOL

this was the inspiration quilt
even though my setting is different
Bonnie used 2 inch squares
these are 2 1/2 so bigger
and I just kinda went with it

a little play is all you need.......
to make another UFO  ha ha
this looks like it wont be too hard
to get into a top fast though
sew 2 of the 4 patch blocks together
and then sew them to the reds in rows
what have you been sewing?

linking up with beth at love laugh quilt
and quilting is more fun than housework

Sunday, January 29, 2017

more farmgirl fun

this is the milkcan from a new  farmgirl friend

isnt it purty? love the gray she used at the top

and this is the strawberry for Feb  
that Babs of wonttobequilter  did
I call her an overachiever LOL
she is going through those blocks 
left and right just whipping them out-
she had to wait in the beginning for her
book but once she had it, WATCH OUT
she will have her quilt done in no time at this rate

and Julie Rose of Julierose quilts  made her
strawberry already too
fun fun fun
love the way everyone's blocks are
coming along
and with so much personality too
go check her out. she is making
a special project for her hubs too.......
shhhhhhh.....  dont tell him

here is the start of mine.
this booger will finish at 6 inches
wish me luck!

I think I will use all the same green at the top 
as I work on this block it reminds me 
of a dear Aunt who recently passed
my Aunt Arlene
we used to call her the strawberry lady 
as they grew strawberries and sold them 
on the front lawn
YUM!  many a shortcake
was made using berries from her farm
what are YOU up to ?

Saturday, January 28, 2017

I have the best friends EVA

I have been coming down with a killer headcold.
you know the kind
even  your hair hurts 
but because I am THE ONLY ONE at work
I have been going in and coming home and going 
straight to bed
well my friend Jacky sent over supper last night
homemade chicken soup, fresh rolls, orange juice
and some kleenex with lotion for my Rudolph nose
isnt she THE BEST??????

then when I picked up the mail, there was a box.
at first I thought ut oh
what did I order now LOL
but no
 it is from Sharon of vroomansquilts
and no it is not my birthday either

inside is this awesome calendar
of the Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail
too cool!

and a huge bag of precut squares
she did all the work for me!  
now I can just play LOL

and also a recipe book
from her area
I saw the pea soup recipe from you Sharon
sounds good
How did you know I needed a little lift?

see what I mean?
THANKS Jacky and Sharon 
for making my otherwise yukky day
a little fun

I am doing everything but what I should be doing......

ever do that? do anything but what you SHOULD be 
grrrrrr........ I REALLY should be working on my brothers
deer quilt
I guess doing three of them for Christmas
really got me tired of them for a bit
so I went to see Jacky
and she had a "bag" for me
enabler that she is ......hee hee
it contained most of those strips you see
in those three blocks
so what do I do? I run home and cut up
some scrap batting into 5 inch squares
and grab a charm and the strips
and start sewing them on
I did dark one side and light on the other
and stay stitched the edges down
I am thinking this will be my next leader
ender maybe and see how many of these I can make
I will join them and back them and tie I think
as they are already "quilted" to the batting and charm

and if that is not enough
I took all the extra 16 patch blocks I had in my tin
and sewed them into a large 9 patch
this may end up being the center
of a quilt
or a doll quilt
it hasnt spoken to me yet 
hee hee
it was going to be a woven looking quilt
but I kinda lost interest in it
so want to get it out of the pile

and Pat Sloan gave me a distraction
Here is her block 5

and 1 2 3 and 4.........
another start you say?
I was supposed to finish UFOs you say?
I am just a rebel I guess........

this was another distraction too.
we are Patriots fans and just happened to have 
these two tins that we saved from popcorn
of course while hubs watched the game..........
I was er um doing what I shouldnt do
sewing NEW stuff!

how are you doing in January?
I made SOME progress on my list
not much

Friday, January 27, 2017

getting ready in more ways than one

found some reds and played in the
"strawberry" stash

cut up my panel into rows
 at least I can say I started it
in January right?
dun dun dun........THE DEER QUILT

and how cool is this?
homemade "farmgirl" goats milk soap

it smells devine too! 

getting ready for the new month of Feb
how you doing?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

old Mac Donald had a farm........

got ya singing didnt I? LOL
so far on farmgirl I have my cow..........

my milkcan.............

and I went ahead and made a teakettle
just because I can......

the bowls called out to me too

as did this fluffy baby chick
can you see the roosters on the
white fabric? so fun

here are some of my blocks all together
I like where it is going so far

and her cow......so adorable

Babs made the bowls
love it

and her milkcan


and a baby chickie!

her strawberry is done 
(overachiever) LOL

and her cow
Jacky who has no blog made a chick

mama hen

two cows and a milkcan.

JulieRose made this cow

into a runner
how cute!

look at her pumpkin and milkcan
I am jealous!
love them!

Randy of Barristers block  wants to join in 
the fun as she has some blocks 
started too.

also Jeanna of slamminthescreendoor
may be joining us as well.

Welcome to the farm ladies!
sit and have a cuppa and some
home baked treats
and sew with us!
we are doing some of the blocks
in the book and some not in the book
it's YOUR quilt so you do 
whatever blocks you want to do.........
see ya in the barn!

what's on YOUR farm?