Tuesday, January 10, 2017

and then there were two

I couldnt resist making the milking day block
the little handles are fiddly
but the rest is ok

I know the top is NOT gray........
I will save that for my canning jar block
I kinda like the brown 
and I think my quilt will have different
not all white
I was trying to find a white with tiny cat paw prints
for the background
kinda like the cats that hang out in the barn at milking time
waiting for the spilled milk
to lap it up
but I settled for a beigy kinda color

two down on my farmgirl blocks! whoot whoot!

keep eyeballling this cherry block
am thinking to make some in cherry
and some in blueberry
if I had the right fabric, some gooseberry too
my Grandmother used to send us outside to pick
the gooseberries
but we ate so many there was never enough for
that gooseberry pie!
we cant grow them in my state anymore
it is against the law
so they wont ship them here
something about a disease
it spreads to white pine

How is your farmgirl quilt coming along?

you know, as I think about my quilt
I will need a horse, a schoolbus
maybe a rabbit
as those were on our farm too
I may have to improvise and
see what I can come up with...........
so far so good this year. 
I am accomplishing my goals
If you come across any of these
in a 6 or 12 inch block. let me know ok?

here is the parade of cows coming to the barn.......

Bab's cow from wont-to-bequilter

Colette's cow from whataboutrheema

Jacky's cow   (no blog)

and my cow.....

so so cute...........cant wait to see your
milkcan blocks!


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

quite the herd of cows there.

Julierose said...

These are a moon-ument to your piecingskills gals--moo-valous!! Hugs Julierose

barbara woods said...

my colors are going to be from my stach so no telling what they will look like