Monday, January 2, 2017

cake block anyone?

print out this free cake block too
just in case you want it in your quilt

OR while you are waiting for your book to come in............
make  er " bake a cake"   for your quilt

just sayin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

hope you are joining us in this fun adventure. no rules, no deadlines.........(just soft ones to keep you on track)  just a fun time with friends making farmgirl blocks and eventually a quilt

3 comments: said...

Have you seen Missy's Cake quilt?

Carol S. said...

Love this block! Now I want some cake, too! Thanks for the link.

Julierose said...

Love this block--an awful lot of pieces which ='s many many seam crossings...hmmmm...not my forte at all--but will give it a try...I may just end up with one slice--hahaha just joking, ...I think hugs, Julierose