Monday, January 9, 2017

clean up clean up and block two

Do you remember that song? we used to sing it
with our nieces to pick up their toys.
clean up 
clean up
everybody clean up
I dont know where the song came from
or any other words but it
helped as they would pick up
their things together after playing
while singing the song

remember my clean up?
yeah I found tons of scraps 
and I wanted the bin they were in for
so what to do?
why cut them up
and sew them up
I made those coins at the top  5 inches wide
and 2 1/2 long and sewed them together till 
the bobbin ran out
made 3 rows
I love to sew without having to think
just put the pedal to the metal and go

so this morning I found MORE stuff in the bin
(I KNOW.   who keeps putting it there?)
so I grabbed pieces and chunks
and sewed them together
no thinking involved
if it fit, it got sewed
I will trim these down
to 8 inch squares
why 8 inch? because it was the measurement of the smallest LOL

but they will go in a pile
until I get a bunch of them cut 

and then I will put them in rows

like these 
see? no rhyme nor reason
just anything goes
a real scrappy look
and some scraps bring back memories
of those quilts made with those fabrics

yep I think I like this no frills technique.
what have YOU been up to?

I have also been cleaning up THIS.........
my muscles are very sore.......
two days of cleaning out
shoveled 2 x while storm was on
on once when done. ugh...........
getting to feel how old I really AM

not much sewing done. baked in case power went out
and shoveled the rest of the time
back to work. ugh

and drum roll please............

the second block is...........


no this is not mine. I was graciously gifted
some gray for the top of mine.
now if I can find it.....
(I KNOW Jacky, I KNOW.....My room is a mess)
this block seems a little less fiddly
we will see you back here next weekend
with a block hopefully!

3 comments: said...

The snow totally missed us. We just have been stinkin cold. Milk Can fun!

barbara woods said...

is this the second one are have I missed one, like the pig?

Julierose said...

Oh glad it's the milkcan--now that I can do, ....I think...!! as you know I LOVE scrappiness--
shhh I think Dunkin (the sweetie-pie)
puts more scraps in there secretly....
hugs, Julierose