Monday, January 16, 2017

clean up on aisle three....

I thought I had replaced all of the "free" containers
aka strawberry plastic containers
but I guess this one was hiding
so what is in here?  hmmmm

a bunch of pieces of mindless sewing
adding scraps of all colors together
with the hopes of making a square
8x8 inches

yep  here was the start of that idea
"good thing I am a list maker- I marked it 8"

and this was some sewing from a cleanup
waiting to be big enough

see? no rhyme nor reason
just a fun pick up the fabric and sew it on kinda thing

and so I ironed them flat
and trimmed them to 8 inches

see? all purty 
they clean up good don't they? hee hee

and I made the first row 6 blocks down
no reason just kinda like the length
for a lap quilt

the second row I had enough blocks
to sew up I think 4

I am thinking with a border between the rows
this quilt could grow quickly into a 
nice cuddle quilt
not bad for stuff I know  
I wouldnt throw away
(How bout YOU Jacky? would YOU 
throw them away? LOL)

these are the tiny cutoffs
or strings left after trimming
and just sewn up to make more "fabric"

just using it up thats all..........

3 comments: said...

What you got rid of the strawberry containers? I have the ginormous baby spinach ones that are nice to use for cutting scraps.

barbara woods said...

I use Walmart shopping bags

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I use plastic grocery bags to store my scraps. You're doing so good using your scraps. Hope I make progress too!!