Saturday, January 14, 2017

farmgirl update

remember this?  
we are having a quilt-along to try and moooove  
this project along.
Jacky and I and some friends are making the blocks each month
(week?)  work at your own pace

this is Colettes cow

and her milkcan

this is Babs cow 
she just got her book so is catching up

and JulieRoses cow
she will look so festive!

my cow and milkcan

and Jackys cow
she says she has been under the weather
but I tease and say "excuses excuses" LOL
Just kidding Jacky   hope you feel better soon!
she has no blog.......YET
I am working on it hee hee

Is the farmgirl quilt on YOUR list?

if so, wont you join us?  we can help 
each other get this quilt a little further toward a finish

take down that book
cut out some blocks
and SEW

I am trying to cut my fabrics
into the block parts and label them
and put them into zippy bags with the name of 
the block on them
that way I am ready to go
once we pick the next block.....

I have pumpkin cut out
and teakettle so far
wont you join us?

2 comments: said...

I had a couple cut out previously. I lost my ziploc along with my mind. :D

Julierose said...

Oh good idea--I'll be cutting strips for Connor's binding so i may cut another block and zip it up in a baggie hugs for a great weekend Julierose