Friday, January 20, 2017

how now brown cow.........

if you are following along with farmgirl vintage
the first block we did was the cow....
Here is julierose cow.
she is decked in her Christmas finery
so so cute

here is Babs cow........

and milkcan    she is making hers scrappy
like me . I am using from the stash

Here is Colettes  a purty gingham cow

and her milkcan

here are my two....... my Holstein and can hee hee

and here is Jacky's
she has since made another one and the milkcan
but I have not been over to photo yet
she had been sick and I am staying away from 
germs for the time being lol
but I will get  a pic soon

Our farms are shaping up for sure.
no telling what blocks we do for Feb
we can get Jackys hubs to pick it for us
in the meantime if you want to go
ahead and make more on your own
you can........
I already did hee hee

2 comments: said...

I may need to pull out the book and choose a pattern. I need to sew right now just cutting out parts for 2 quilts.

Julierose said...

I am leafing through the patterns to find an "easier" one after the cow comletl moo-hausted me ROTFLOL..Playing "Nursie-kins" right now for my sweet hubster...hugs and have a great TGIF Julierose