Saturday, January 28, 2017

I am doing everything but what I should be doing......

ever do that? do anything but what you SHOULD be 
grrrrrr........ I REALLY should be working on my brothers
deer quilt
I guess doing three of them for Christmas
really got me tired of them for a bit
so I went to see Jacky
and she had a "bag" for me
enabler that she is ......hee hee
it contained most of those strips you see
in those three blocks
so what do I do? I run home and cut up
some scrap batting into 5 inch squares
and grab a charm and the strips
and start sewing them on
I did dark one side and light on the other
and stay stitched the edges down
I am thinking this will be my next leader
ender maybe and see how many of these I can make
I will join them and back them and tie I think
as they are already "quilted" to the batting and charm

and if that is not enough
I took all the extra 16 patch blocks I had in my tin
and sewed them into a large 9 patch
this may end up being the center
of a quilt
or a doll quilt
it hasnt spoken to me yet 
hee hee
it was going to be a woven looking quilt
but I kinda lost interest in it
so want to get it out of the pile

and Pat Sloan gave me a distraction
Here is her block 5

and 1 2 3 and 4.........
another start you say?
I was supposed to finish UFOs you say?
I am just a rebel I guess........

this was another distraction too.
we are Patriots fans and just happened to have 
these two tins that we saved from popcorn
of course while hubs watched the game..........
I was er um doing what I shouldnt do
sewing NEW stuff!

how are you doing in January?
I made SOME progress on my list
not much


Julierose said...

Distractions make life fun--my word for 2017--I have No. 1 done on my list...onto the next (will have to look it up even!!) not really a goal person, ya think?? Hope you feel better soon hugs, Julierose Really cute starts on your "extras"

Jeanna said...

I can easily be distracted but I am trying so hard to stick to my list and make progress on my current UFOs. I could easily start something new :) said...

Great string blocks.