Sunday, January 29, 2017

more farmgirl fun

this is the milkcan from a new  farmgirl friend

isnt it purty? love the gray she used at the top

and this is the strawberry for Feb  
that Babs of wonttobequilter  did
I call her an overachiever LOL
she is going through those blocks 
left and right just whipping them out-
she had to wait in the beginning for her
book but once she had it, WATCH OUT
she will have her quilt done in no time at this rate

and Julie Rose of Julierose quilts  made her
strawberry already too
fun fun fun
love the way everyone's blocks are
coming along
and with so much personality too
go check her out. she is making
a special project for her hubs too.......
shhhhhhh.....  dont tell him

here is the start of mine.
this booger will finish at 6 inches
wish me luck!

I think I will use all the same green at the top 
as I work on this block it reminds me 
of a dear Aunt who recently passed
my Aunt Arlene
we used to call her the strawberry lady 
as they grew strawberries and sold them 
on the front lawn
YUM!  many a shortcake
was made using berries from her farm
what are YOU up to ?

4 comments: said...

Here it isn't even February and look at all of these berries.

Julierose said...

I love all the family stories that come out as we work on these blocks--they bring back the memories of yore...hugs, Julierose

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Beautiful blocks! So fast! Keep it going!

Jeanna said...

Everyone is moving right along on their blocks. This is a great group...I love the encouragement.