Sunday, January 1, 2017

oh I think I am gonna like this cow........

it took me a bit to cut out my parts
not all are shown here
part of the problem is
I wanted a Holstein cow
but my normal background is white
I had to find a "sky" fabric
to go with the "grass" fabric
that would be light
BUT still let the cow stand out
I think I dd good
will let you know once I sew er up!

this will finish as a 6 inch block once in the quilt

any farm girls out there with
"great calves"?????
I may even make a jersey cow
we will see........


sunny said...

Too cute!!!! said...

Wow that is cute. I am going to have a dark brown cow. Maybe I can get chocolate milk?

barbara woods said...

My book want be here for a while, I will catch up when it gets here