Thursday, January 26, 2017

old Mac Donald had a farm........

got ya singing didnt I? LOL
so far on farmgirl I have my cow..........

my milkcan.............

and I went ahead and made a teakettle
just because I can......

the bowls called out to me too

as did this fluffy baby chick
can you see the roosters on the
white fabric? so fun

here are some of my blocks all together
I like where it is going so far

and her adorable

Babs made the bowls
love it

and her milkcan


and a baby chickie!

her strawberry is done 
(overachiever) LOL

and her cow
Jacky who has no blog made a chick

mama hen

two cows and a milkcan.

JulieRose made this cow

into a runner
how cute!

look at her pumpkin and milkcan
I am jealous!
love them!

Randy of Barristers block  wants to join in 
the fun as she has some blocks 
started too.

also Jeanna of slamminthescreendoor
may be joining us as well.

Welcome to the farm ladies!
sit and have a cuppa and some
home baked treats
and sew with us!
we are doing some of the blocks
in the book and some not in the book
it's YOUR quilt so you do 
whatever blocks you want to do.........
see ya in the barn!

what's on YOUR farm?

5 comments: said...

So many cute blocks.

Julierose said...

"Ei-Ei--oooh"...I need to find some Rooster fabric, I all of your blocks, ladies--soooo I wrestle with the small strawberry block...hugs, Julierose

Cathy said...

The blocks are all fantastic!

barbara woods said...

loved your blocks and all the rest

Jeanna said...

Your Farm Girl blocks are very sweet. Yes, I am joining and thank you for having me. I'll be sharing my January block (just one) a little later today. I'm looking forward to this adventure down on the farm with you gals!