Saturday, January 14, 2017

progress on a UFO

from taking some gifted squares
and some scraps trimmed to 2 1/2 squares
I sewed these as leaders and enders

you know, between other projects to keep something under the
they then get thrown into  a container kept by the machine
so that I could do 2 x 2   4 x 4  etc and make the blocks
I wasnt sure what I was going to do with them
just knew I liked them
Irene quilt?  stars with patchy centers?

and the pile just grew and grew
as I pondered a decision

well 2017 I am making my year
to finish up the UFOs and clear out
some fabric
so I pulled my basket of lights
and found two buttery yellow fabrics
and proceeded to cut them into the side parts
I then added some more 4 patches that
hadnt made it to 16 patches yet
and a block was born

then I would sneak into the sewing room to just
"sew one more"
and now I have    12  of them
ready to join  
into a quilt top
if you look close, the 16 patches each had
a color theme   red, brown etc
and the corners that make another 16 patch are
I like that look
and am pleased with it so far
already thinking of the border
of course I need scrappy

love that this quilt kind of came together 
out of mindless sewing
I may cut up all my yardage into squares!
just sayin............

2 comments: said...

I think that sometimes but then I need a weird size for something.

Julierose said...

Lovely piece---your "a square here, and a square there" is paying off...hugs, Julierose