Wednesday, January 18, 2017

remember this?

Do you remember when I took and loaded a ton of bobbins with thread?
yeah well let me tell you it is a time saver

There are a lot of bobbins in here.
BUT if I take just 15 minutes
then when I run out I can just pop it in and GO

Time Savers:

1) preload a ton of bobbins so you are ready to go
2) leave a basket of leaders and enders near the machine
this helps you to make another quilt behind the scenes
3) if you are following patterns or blocks of month
that you know about before hand, cut out little
kits and label them. makes it easier to grab and sew
after all, the SEWING is the part we all love, right?
4) Do like tasks together..... I usually save my binding for
binding a couple of things at once
that means taking out the needle and thread once
and getting them done  it helps me to stay
focused and I usually have a big and a little project
maybe a quilt and a mugrug for example
the mugrug for quick gratification to 
help me stay on task for the big project

what things do YOU do to help save time
After all the more time saved, the more time to sew right?

2 comments: said...

If machine applique I prep a bunch together then I do all the color such as green on all of them, then I am not changing colors constantly.

Julierose said...

I also cut pieces and group them first...and label them and put them in plastic baggies, too; as my poor little brain cannot recall "what was this now?" heh heh..I now have FOUR finished quilts and will make four labels at one my light box only comes out once...I hope to do some major Go!Baby cutting next week..and put my strips in color groups by size...[organize, organize, arrange them all by equal size lol] Hugs, Julierose