Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I have saved selvages for a long time
not knowing what I would make
but knowing I wanted to use them
in something fun
I drooled over others projects with them
(maybe thats why my computer didnt work LOL)
and pondered what I would make

well............when you are cleaning
and working on UFO projects
you cut out batting and small pieces remain
you CANT throw that out now can you?
so the stars aligned and a voice told me
if you sew it, it will come together
I know, weird right?
anyway, I took the batting pieces
and sewed on some selvages
and now I have the beginnings of 
TWO mug rugs.


loving them
and how cute
I may need to make one next with all those colored dots
love those

off to trim these and back and bind.........
whoot whoot!
ok, what you mean I am not working on my list???
OK so I STARTED something........
you wanna make something of it? huh?
at least I am MAKING something with the scraps, right?
don't tell Jacky.
she will roll her eyes and say

Jan 3rd and so far these goals have been met.....
one block farmgirl.........done
one pair pants hemmed.......done
work on UFO........added border to blue table topper
added binding to mugrugs to finish them up

I feel like I ate my Wheaties or something.......
How is your year coming along? 

1 comment:

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

ROFL ok I love the selvedges. You are way ahead of me. I made a block for guild.