Friday, January 13, 2017

ta da is this the deer quilt?

um Nope........not the deer quilt
you see quilt police
I know I am supposed to get my 3rd
brothers deer quilt done
(sniff sniff- crying for good measure)
I had to buy a panel
and it came in earlier
than I thought
and I was doing this
so decided to FINISH the top
at least I think it is done.....
(whew  glad the quilt police left )LOL

anyway this quilt grew fast it seems
I kind of was drawn to it
every minute I had spare
I cut and sewed on it
it has all sorts of fabrics in it
from these two cute kids............

to a peek a boo bear............

to callicos and funky flowers
and they all play nice together see?
(couldnt the world learn from this?)
I now have TWELVE blocks
and it will be a nice lap size
pondering a border
Jacky my friend says flying geese
(all those geese? all that planning to make it fit?- is she
really my friend??? LOL  Just kidding Jacky)
I was thinking of making the blocks float
by putting more yellow 
and maybe here and there a colored block?
just to keep the floating look going?
will see
I am not even sure I have enough of the yellows
but I am pleased as punch
and I think Dunkin is too
as I write this he is rolling in the blocks
rearranging them for me
he is helpful like that!

3 comments: said...

Bad Dawn you must finish your deer. Then you can play with something new.

Julierose said...

"Deer" Dawn--I should be FIRST in line you know; this is me, your deer quilt trying to get through to you--don't you hear me calling you ? Whispering in your dreams? Come back to me..please....hugs Your Deer quilt aka julierose LOL hahahaha

barbara woods said...

enjoy! Life is short and you can sew on it later!