Tuesday, January 17, 2017

time to organize and regroup

Phoebe is resting
after all she is an older lady and catnaps
are what she is good at

Dunkin on the other hand
well, he is usually bright eyed and bushy tailed
and into whatever YOU are doing LOL
(scratch a little more to the left Mom)

Phoebe will find a good place to nap anywhere
sometimes she scares us
we know she is in the house
but WHERE?
she was hiding in this box of fabrics

because the KING stole the available quilts
doesnt he look so angelic? NOT

just a reminder for those who want to make their
gardens flourish
as you eat your bananas
save your peels and chop them up like this
and freeze

put them in a zippy bag and LABEL IT
they will turn black like this
BUT in the Spring when you plant
your plants
take this out and thaw it
then put a little in each hole before
you put your tomato or plant
and your plants will instantly love you
natures way.......

off to organize and regroup so I can FIND 

hmm  whats in this container?

ohhh my leftover bindings! YAY  
this will help me to finish  up those
mugrugs I am sewing and quilting

they are using up stash pieces
batting pieces
and leftover bindings


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Good job thinking ahead, we will again get to garden in just a short time. You should see the pile of seed and plant catalogs I have.

barbara woods said...

we have been getting seed catalogs in the mail to dreaming of spring