Wednesday, January 11, 2017

UFO list

I have seen this technique many times done on blogs
you list 12 UFOs that you would like to finish or further along
and each month you pick a  number and work on that one.

Judy from patchworktimes  has a challenge......

Pat Sloan of ilovetomakequilts  has the challenge and

the UFO Challenge 2017 printout can be found on All People Quilt so you can list them out.


this is my personal challenge only my spin is I can work on any of these 12 at any time to get them done or further along. kind of like a diet where you can still enjoy a brownie once in a while. makes it easier to stick to right?

                                         1) DEER quilt for brother.......need to finish in JAN

2)  16 patches to make into a quilt instead of sitting in a box

started on this one already and am pleased
with the progress so far (10 blocks out of 12)

3) blue blocks   take whats made and make something
decided on a table topper
and added border already in Jan
will try and layer and quilt and bind

4) blue pink green blocks
scrapped full quilt idea
fabric no longer loved as much
table topper in the making-
just needs binding

5) farm girl with some great friends!
even those who are afraid......
(You know who you are LOL)
Bessie Made
**update**joined by the milkcan

6) tame some scraps to make storage space
made some mug rugs and got rid of 
tiny selvages and batt pieces


7) 3 table runners
get quilted and done
this will be for 2 of the numbers as there are 3 of them

8) see above

9) bind red Christmas runner for me
arent we always the last one to make
something for?  I mean really?
it is all quilted ready to BIND people!
what is the matter with me???

10)  Christmas panel lap top
a new kit I got for Christmas
(no pic but trust me,,,,,,,,that Dunkin 
knows his mama so well Hee hee)

11) black white and red dresdan
just needs handquilting
maybe some snowy days will 
allow me to work on this one more
it is in the hoop ready to put some stitches in

and 12) I may just WIN the PRIZE for OLDEST UFO

THIS one is from 1977
I er um was in high school.......and we had a class
called textile crafts.......
the class was making pillows
yeah I know.......I cant make a lowly pillow
I had made tons of them
so I asked if I could make a quilt
teacher tried to talk me out of it but
decided to let this headstrong teen find out
for herself that it was a daunting challenge
it was all cut with cardboard templates
and sewn BY HAND
29 pieces to each block
HERE IS THE half of the twin quilt
that I finished back then
a little more than the measly pillows the
(operative word here is FINISHED) 
not so much

as the years went by I tried to work on it here
and there but it turned into an album quilt
with signatures
and I am so glad I did that
my Aunt Jo who passed away made me
this elephant block
you know the one I wanted an elephant in my garden
to represent her?
isnt it gorgeous?
I have a part of her in this quilt
so many "autographs" embroidered
and a lot of them have since passed away
so it is very special to me 
and HAS to be on this list

they awarded me a blue ribbon at school for my 
it was in the Art show UNFINISHED
I guess teacher felt bad for trying to 
"teach me a lesson" LOL

some others that I hope MAY get to the list
is this one
I got the pattern a long time ago
to make one for hubs
hoping this is the year
it is a lap quilt
with lighthouse and boat
he loves lighthouses and the water
now to find the pattern you say?
RIGHT!  have you seen it in my room? LOL
and this little guy is at least 5 years old
was scraps and strips
sewn into a row type quilt
for a baby boy quilt
just gotta quilt er up
straight line easy I am thinking
and get er done

along with this one too
need to get some baby quilts in the stash
nieces are getting older and
you never know right?

this is what  happened this past weekend

here is my farmboy
yep hubs when we were first married
I laugh because he is such a city boy
and he took this picture 
for ME
his farmgirl hee hee
I think his tractors sexy! LOL

so there you have it.
all of the things I plan on working on this year

I HAVE made some progress in JAN so far
and hope to try and keep the momentum up

we will see..........


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I use to do the UFO challenges, but then felt stressed to get completed. I work them like you are planning - I know they are there and will pull when I feel that 'need' to finish - and enjoy it when I do. said...

Good job, half the challenge is just listing them. Then I throw the list to the wind. :D

barbara woods said...

Lots of things to finiush this year

Julierose said...

You have a nice listing of pieces to finish up, dawn. Today I begin the quilting--I have been lost in the "Land of Winter cold season"...better today--so off I go hugs, Julierose