Thursday, January 5, 2017

uh oh they are like potato chips

I may get these blocks into a top this year
they are like potato chips
I had been gifted some 2.5 inch squares
a year or so back.
she generously shared with me
a TON of squares
ALREADY CUT and ready for me to play
I played and played
and made zippy bags
and the green quilt top
and sewing machine matsand table toppers
and these blocks I was trying to do by
color for the RSC  

I loved them 
but wasnt sure what I was going to do with them
I thought of the Irene setting
(my Moms name was Irene)
I thought of putting stars with the
center the 16 patch but didnt know if 
each star should be the color of the block
or the same color star throughout
see how easily things can come to a halt?
decisions decisions
and so 
I picked them up AGAIN
the other day and said this is ridiculous
make a decision and run with it
so I did
I decided to KISS  (keep it simple silly)
and the first block was born
then a second block
I think I can do one of these a day 
and maybe get this one into a top by the end of the month
we will see
there are 12 of them I think.
if anything I may have to sew up some 4 patches!

for now Mrs Mouse approves

note to self:
dont leave the stash whole. CUT it up and USE it
once it is cut, you want to get er done.......

that's my story and I'm stickin to it
anyone else joining us making a farmgirl quilt?
you can make 12 inch blocks instead of the 6-
Jacky and I may do some of each
if they get too fiddly a 12 inch it becomes
the other blocks we are sending links to
if you are waiting on a book
or pattern to start, make the ones from the links
and show us
it will help us all want to keep motivated
I may try to do a linky by the end of the month
I used to have a linky thing
but it was on the computer that crashed 
so not sure if I can still get there from here.
(I can I just may not know how- you know........
technically challenged me)
Here is my thought.........
was thinking of one block a month
but that is only 12 at year end and if 6 inches
wont make a dent in the quilt
so thinking 2 a month. maybe at beginning
of month pull the two blocks
and you have all month to get er done?
your thoughts?
I am itching to do another block.
not sure if I wanna do one from one of the links
or not
gotta work on my brothers deer too this month
so if I get the 2 blocks done in the first week I will be good


barbara woods said...

still waiting on my book

Julierose said...

I am thinkin'....can you hear the gears straining???? I L O V E 2.5" blocks and have a whole box full of them to use up this year...
hugs, Julierose said...

I am open 2, 1 whatever you want to do. :D