Wednesday, January 4, 2017

what a difference a day makes

Jan 2nd I had the day off
so did Jacky
I had old gift cards to use up
so off we went , out to eat lunch
just the two of us......
it was fun
of course I ate WAY too much
and brought home dessert
(who can resist key lime pie?)
and kind of lounged around the rest of the day
so not much got done
then I was angry with myself for letting a 
day off go to "waste"
so went to bed , called it a day
Jan 3rd
I awoke as I do early before work
and pulled these 16 patches out
had some 4 patches too
and decided to get my light pile
(my lights are not white but kind of buttery yellow
so I pulled one fabric
cut up parts
sewed her up to make a larger block
she is not this wonky
I didnt iron her yet
I was so excited to share with you..........<3

then I grabbed two partially finished mug rugs
and put bindings on
into the gift bucket you go my pretties!
well, except for the selvage one
I HAVE to use that one!
I gave the other selvage one to Jacky
just because..........
she laughed and goes
why you giving me "trash"
(she throws out BIG pieces of fabric
and thinks I am NUTS for saving
little bits)
crazy woman!

here is me trying to "stage a better picture"
epic fail.........
I will practice
my home is small and dark 
and it is hard to get a good picture

especially at 4 in the am.
this little mouse made it a little cuter I think.......
see? I am getting better at it already! LOL
(just humor me folks)

anywho, are you being productive in 2017?
so far I have done this>>>>>

made one farmgirl block
made 3 mugrugs
decided on a pattern for these 16 patch blocks so 
I can get them into a top
and put a border on my table topper
and hemmed one pair of pants
I would say it is starting to be a good year!
lets see if I can keep up the momentum.........

3 comments: said...

I got a guild block, partially appliqued' 3 wall hangings, and part of my cow block. Working on the embroidery. :D

Julierose said...

Well, ladies, i got my ironing board up...yesterday was a total wash out here and I did ZIP, NADA--just rested. So today, maybe as a result, my back isn't aching--yay!! Have a few errands, then will iron that little fox piece and cut borders for back of Connor's quilt....Awaiting Farm Girl--she's takin' her time gettin' here...must be smelling the roses LOL hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

No sewing yet today, eyes dilated makes it hard to sew!