Tuesday, February 28, 2017

farmgirl update

the blocks for March are...........

the BARN   and the PEARS

those of you who have already made them 
pick two others
those who are playing along with us
those will be the blocks
for March

our Farm-along is very flexible

at the begining of the month we
choose two blocks
and you have all month to make them
in the size you want
if you dont like the blocks
make other ones

we just want to have fun while making this quilt
won't you join us?

these are Colettes blocks

so so fun.......

the ones below are Barbaras blocks
ready to be made into a quilt

loving these strawberries and pumpkins.......

these are Julie roses pumpkin and strawberry


and my pumpkin and strawberry
Jackys I promise I will photo when I 
go over again

it has been nuts 
my deer plans got switched because of a last
minute surprise birthday party this coming weekend
and Jacky and I went on a CVS adventure

but it is all good.......life can be busy but fun

Monday, February 27, 2017

questions questions

this was the total pile of fabric
that Jacky gave to me
I am a happy gal with new stuff to play with.

found the panels for the back of the deer quilt
but didnt realize I had TWO

not sure if I can put both of them on there
or put one and make another kind of easy lap quilt
using the second one

maybe make Landon a lap quilt of deer for next Christmas
not sure
we will see as I get closer to finishing it

Sunday, February 26, 2017

oh my so French

this fabric came to me from Jacky too
it is a narrow piece
and I think I already
have an idea in place

I pulled some pieces that went with it
so will now get my project in one place
for the time I can spend time on it

don't cha just love new fabrics?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

deer further along

now the deer pieces have the black sashing

now to iron them and sew the rows

getting there..........

it is now at this point and ready for
the sashing between rows.......

Friday, February 24, 2017

farmgirls are you out there?

Kathy at sunshine sews is putting her 
farmgirl together
what a beauty it is
go check it out!

and Babs of wonttobequilter  is almost ready to 
put hers together too
and to think she was the last one to get the book

Julies blocks have a Christmas theme
her cow may be a table runner
and her new blocks for her fruits in a jar
and the bear in the haystack are so fun and adorable

she blogs at Julierosequilts

Colette at whataboutrheema  made some
pretty blocks too
love the pie and rolling pin
that one is next on my farm I think

these are Jackys. she has no blog. she is working on
her pumpkin and strawberry blocks
she had a pressing bag project
that waylaid her farmgirl this month
she was making one block of each of the sizes
(showoff LOL  just kidding)

and mine are here
I didnt do any more because I am working on 
the deer quilt
and I think a cat quilt for the weekend
we will see how I do with that!
I never learn not to bite off more than I can chew....

and look at these I got somewhere 
for inspiration on the internet
I LOVE the canning jars 
made as little milk bottles! OH MY
how adorable is THAT!

so many fun ideas and so fun
to sew along with friends

how is YOUR farm coming along?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

this may be their fate

I have a cousin   as we all do
she is turning 60 and her sister is having
a party for her

I saw this panel on Jenny Doans site and ordered it
I am so glad it came in..........

I want to make her a quick lapquilt
and I am thinking this may fit the bill
for a cat lover

what do  you think?  I would
rearrange the blocks as I think
the deeper ones are on top and need to be
distributed but I kinda like it

I am thinking this is what these blocks
wanted to be.....

I also have some pink that will act
as sash
if I need it

linking up with

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

more goodies

remember yesterday? yeah
that wasnt ALL
here are some more of the goodies
it took a while to photo it all
as you know I am a blue gal
so blues and greens
oh be still my heart..........

and loookie how cute this snowman fabric

and some non Christmas fabrics
browns and yellows and reds

and more little pretties.......

Oh my
how can a gal be so darned lucky?
I have a ton of sewing to do for sure!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

went to Jackys house

what is this you say? LOL
it is a bookworm bookmark
I went to Jackys this past weekend
and she had one from her granddughter
and wanted to make some
so off to get some yarn and a needle
and ten minutes later I had this one done
he needs work and googly eyes but at least now
I know he can work up quickly for a bunch of them
if we want to make them

and these are done to this point
yes the deer quilt
now the black sash
then the center will be done and the borders and back 
can be next

while I was there, Jacky gave me these little beauties
I think she didnt have her glasses on 
so  I ran out of her house like a thief LOL
I mean really........
how gorgeous are these little pieces?
I see great potential 

and this cutie pie too
I see more Christmas box projects coming on

what have YOU been up to?