Thursday, February 2, 2017

around sewyouquilt2 household

this little booger finds the craziest places
to relax
I was trying to do paperwork
you know the paperwork underneath him
I guess that means NO MOM  Lol
that light gets so so hot but he doesnt seem to mind
maybe working on his summer tan? 

this little lady is always so good
she just relaxes nearby minding her own p's and q's

this is my eye
yeah scary looking huh
it was surgically done on Monday
and I am black and blue and swollen
hoping it drains and gives me no more issues
it was a blocked oil gland
that would not open and drain
so they cut my eyelid
yeah fun fun

so to console myself I sewed a little
been seeing some cute hearts for Valentines
on the internet
this one is just a light square and dark
then a strip of dark the same size sewn
turned on its side
so I made a mug rug for hubs
used up pieces of batting and scraps
and even binding

then cut out my gooseberry, blueberry and cherry blocks
for farmgirl
only have background for the gooseberry to do
with the stems of all to do

this is the back of the mugrug. reversible

and then worked a little more on those string blocks sewn 
to batting
just a little distraction
till this eyeball heals and I feel more like marathon sewing


Jeanna said...

Lots going on around your house, in spite of your sore eye. The heart mug rug is just too sweet. I'm sure your hubby will love it.

Hope your eye feels much better soon.

barbara woods said...

Prays for your eye, are you off work? said...

Oh your eye doesn't look as bad as you think. Hope it starts to feel better soon. I think you may need a corn bag. It is easier to use than a hot compress, and it is a moist heat.

Julierose said...

Ouch--not fun at all...glad you were able to get some sewing in though..feel better soon hugs, Julierose