Saturday, February 11, 2017


look at these two pathetically thin cats

as soon as Dad got up these two
gave "puppy dog faces"
to see if he would give them some treats

mind you just 5 minutes before
this picture was taken, I had fed them 
both dry and wet food
AND gave them each a salmon treat

little boogers!

here is my Pat Sloan winter solstice quiltalong
there is one block I didnt make
I am liking these so far
gotta think how I will frame them so the blocks stand out
was thinking of making those scrappy blocks of
all my blues or maybe the 2 1/2 blocks in all blues
to frame them
tried it- that made it more busy

with the whites I think they would stand out
we will see how much further this one 
will progress.....its for ME so I dont
need to work on it now. it can mull a bit
any ideas?
I am thinking white backgrounds or off white
scrappy and just a simple frame around each block?

some blocks have white edges
and some blue so that will be a challenge as well
I am not making the huge quilt that Pat Sloan is making
so I will pick and choose the blocks I like and then set them for a 
comfy lap quilt for me

2 comments: said...

Yep we have one that does that too. I feed her, she scarfs it down then looks for the next victim.

barbara woods said...

Love your b!ocks