Thursday, February 2, 2017

button button whose got the button

Do any of you also collect buttons?
(DO bears you know what in the woods LOL)
wouldnt it be fun to have a little button exchange
and make a mini wallhanging using them?
oh I think I have an idea coming on LOL
this container is about 8x8 and 6 inches deep
these are just one tenth of what I have

I inherited my Moms buttons, my Grams buttons, my hubs moms
buttons and his Grams buttons too
not to mention my own
but I love them
love looking through some of the old ones
that I remember where they came from
this wood button came from a coat 
my Mom had-
a toggle button
love it

the marbly one next to it on the right was
from when I worked at the curtain
factory and because the boss knew I sewed
he GAVE me a ton of these buttons
they were gonna have to pay to trash them
oh yeah -he liked me because I got 45 dollar a yard
material and thread and buttons.......I was in HEAVEN

this little clover one is cute  not sure where it came from

you can see it better here.,
see those red ones all strung?
those were probably from hubs Mom or Gram

such a variety

and all fun to look at

how cool are these metal ones? 
they dont make nice buttons like these anymore
time to make something fun with them
don't you think?

out of this button box I have given some to my brother
and some to my niece for stuffed animal eyes
and I have used some too
but I dont sew clothing much anymore
so need to find a cute
little project to use them in

was thinking........
I know.......dangerous........
would any of you be interested in a 
button exchange and we could then 
take the buttons and make a little 
mini sampler quilt for our sewing rooms?
OR we could make a simple autograph
block with our name on it
and the button from our stash
and exchange them

I know. I am bad and have enough
sewing to do but how fun
to look at that little quilt and 
be reminded of your quilty friends!


Julierose said...

I have a whole box of buttons from my Grand-mere and Mom, too. sounds like a great idea...hugs, Julierose said...

I only have newer butttons other than the sweet ones you gave me. I see one that reminds me of the avocado green tweed jacket my dad wore when I was a wee one.

barbara woods said...

my mother didn't save then and neither did Hubby mother. All I have is some I bought and a few shirt buttons