Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dunkin is no help at all........

remember these winter solstice blocks?
yeah I am loving making them all in blues
for a quilt for ME
a lap quilt
but how to set them so I know
when I am "done"?
Pat is making a huge quilt with 25 blocks
and some different sizes
I just want quick and easy 

so I decided to play in the blue squares
and sew them into 6 square strips
to see if a scrappy border will frame them
to me they dont stand out at all
it is all just mish mosh

so I played again and said ok 
maybe alternate 36 patches with them
and Dunkin walked away
as if to say Mom I am disappointed in you
see those adorable polka dot legs? love them

he just wanted another distraction
so I guess it is back the the
so called "drawing board" for these
I will keep making them every Wed I guess
until I can figure something out
to frame them
I am thinking they each need to stand out
on their own

any ideas my friends???


Julierose said...

Perhaps a black and white small print fabric around them all? I always think that black and white prints are good me, they make the blocks stand out from each other...
I think your blocks are really looking lovely...hugs Julierose said...

Oh that is a tough one.

barbara woods said...

I was just looking at them and I see what you mean, sashing may be just the thing. I liked Julies idea but I don't have any small print black and white in my stash. I was thinking about our Farm quilt.