Thursday, February 9, 2017

farm girl status so far.......

made this pumpkin block

and her strawberry block.
she is on a roll...........

see? she is making the 12 inch blocks 
and may end up with more than one quilt
the way she is cranking them out

see what I mean? love it!

Collete of whataboutrheema
made this companion pie
and rolling pin block

and another block in the book
how sweet are these?

this is Julies strawberry.........

and here is her pumpkin   along with her milkcan
love that milkcan girlfriend.
she is doing her own thing
and I am loving every one of her blocks!

Here is my strawberry and pumpkin
and I went ahead because I can
and made the canning jar block

all so different and all so so cool!
great job girls! cant wait to see MORE

we are getting a mega snow storm with snow
up to 2 inches per hour. I am off work
and hopefully the trees stay put
and the power stays on
off to hunker down and sew
be safe anyone else in the storms path
my daughter is up from TN and
freezing LOL she is not used to 
the cold much anymore and was bragging about
it being almost 70 degrees back home.
not nice to fool with Mother Nature is it? LOL
it's all my daughters fault LOL


Julierose said...

Oooh nooo, I hope you get to leave work early!!
Love all the blocks--everyone's take is so different which makes it really fun! Hugs, Julierose said...

Careful shoveling. Hope your power stays on.

barbara woods said...

it was just the other day , now cold again. flu so bad that schools are out. Where does your daughter live in Tenn. Picked fabric for my canning block but have very little with food on it. one will hold buttons

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love the blocks! Everyone has their own unique style! That's what makes them so interesting! I only worked until 1pm so I was home before it go too bad. So windy out there! Stay safe!