Tuesday, February 7, 2017

more pieces to deal with

these were some of the cutoffs from 
cutting these blocks LOL
recycle or upcycle or whatever you call it
but I took them and sewed them into a block
and squared it up to 8 inches
and made two rows
well one and a partial

what do you think Dunks?
you thinking a muslin between the rows?
yeah it s funny I was thinking that too
he is always so helpful in the sewing room

see? one row of 6 and one row of 5
I am thinking if I make this with muslin sashing
then this will be 6 across and that is 45 with no sashing on edges
so a 3 inch sashing would bring it to 50 wide
then going down if I did 3 inch sashing
and 6 rows that would make it 62.5
so a nice lap 50X62.5

yep and out of "nothing" blocks and scraps
heck I may see if I have any leftover quilt blocks that dont have
a home and chop them down to 8 inches
and put them in 
for a little variety

and it will be a "free" quilt
so to speak

don't  you love it when I think 
of genius ideas? LOL
(patting myself on the back.......
OK JACKY that is HARD enough....you are
gonna break my back!) ha ha

recap so far:
hemmed ONE pair of jeans (I kNOW)
and 3 pr of work pants
made and bound   5 mugrugs

added blue border to make a table topper of 4 blocks
quilted up blue and pink and green topper-needs binding

put black dresdan in hoop to hand quilt
added some blocks to this quilt above
used the 16 patch blocks and made a top- yellow one
made quite a few farm girl blocks
cleaned and organized a section of the sewing room

I'd say so far January was productive for ME
I work 45 hour weeks so 
finding time to sew is hard
I choose to get up early and sew before work

Feb I am working on the Valentines doll quilt
just have to bind it
and made another mug rug
also made one more block for Pat Sloans winter solstice
that list is getting done little by little.......

linking with beth from love laugh quilt


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Wow look at you go. Great job using up the bits and bobs.

Julierose said...

WOW--you are on a roll for sure! good for you--i think all my energy flew over to you...I am moving slowly...creaking a bit hahaha hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

love the bits and pieces blocks , waste not want not so they say

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Great idea on using up those little bits of leftover fabric. They look great together!

beth s said...

I love scrap quilts! Your's will be wonderful! And... you have a willing helper!