Sunday, February 12, 2017

more square play

I took more of those squares from Sharon
and decided to see if I could pick some colors
and make a design

so I  picked black and red and beiges
and made a 9 patch with black going across
the center
and then rotated them into 
a larger block with 4 of them
making an x

I like it
but I quickly put those blocks into a seperate container
for later

Sharon oh Sharon those squares are both a blessing and a curse
Because they tickle my attention and my creativity to nurse
I have made so many fun things with them to date
The UFO or unfinished project seems to be my fate
thanks again for enabling me......

2 comments: said...

LOL I do not see a deer quilt lurking in those squares. Just teasing. Sometimes mindless sewing is best.

barbara woods said...

some times its the best thing for you mindless sewing