Monday, February 27, 2017

questions questions

this was the total pile of fabric
that Jacky gave to me
I am a happy gal with new stuff to play with.

found the panels for the back of the deer quilt
but didnt realize I had TWO

not sure if I can put both of them on there
or put one and make another kind of easy lap quilt
using the second one

maybe make Landon a lap quilt of deer for next Christmas
not sure
we will see as I get closer to finishing it

2 comments: said...

Did you knock Jackie down as you were running out of er house? Also was hubby waiting at the curb with the car running for a quick get away? Save a panel maybe you will be ready to make another deer quilt in the future for Landon.

barbara woods said...

That Collette!
But I bet you grabbed the fabric and hugged her neck