Sunday, February 5, 2017

the lowly square

do you ever look at your stash and think
I will never be able to live long enough to sew
this all into something?
yea I do
as you get older I think you reflect more
and of course when people know you sew
well  you know
they gift you with more LOL
but it is so much fun to sew with fabric you 
didnt purchase.
why? I think it is the colors you would not normally use
the excitement of not the same old stuff
and just the challenge to use it up
I have been a lucky gal
many have gifted me with fabric
Sharon, Jacky and Dianne a sewing 
buddy from way back to name a few
and the squares that are already cut? well
lets get to sewing my friend!
I made that flimsy in yellow at top
which I LOVE

started this fun red one which I also LOVE

put my woven ones into a 9 patch to mull and stew
and see if I will do more of the same
or not

alternated them in blue

made a bag for the niece one year

cut them tiny and made mini 9 patches for a cool border
(not it is not finished wise guys who have seen this
quilt before LOL)

but also pinned groups of 5 likes
to make this someday
need a wall to place them out though

put some in Tom turkey runner

and some in cat quilt for the bed

cat mats for messy eaters

and even some into pincushions
so tell me WHY do I buy yardage
when I could just buy SQUARES?????



barbara woods said...

more fun doing both said...

Fun projects. Good way to use up stash.