Wednesday, February 1, 2017

this one is calling me

I am thinking that this block
may be my next "extra" one

I am thinking one in red- cherry
blue- blueberry
and one in green- gooseberry

My Gram had a gooseberry bush and used to send us outside to pick
them to make a pie
we never got enough for a pie
they were too good to leave in that bowl!
so a goosebery has to be in my quilt I think

of course, the way I am going
before thinking I am gonna make THREE

ya think???


Julierose said...

I like this block too. I think a gooseberry green one would be so cute....hugs, Julierose said...

LOL I was thinking about how to make a blackberry. I like the cherries.

Jeanna said...

I love that block. I need to finish the strawberry and pumpkin first :)

barbara woods said...

you guys think out of the box , I was just glad to do it like it was