Tuesday, February 21, 2017

went to Jackys house

what is this you say? LOL
it is a bookworm bookmark
I went to Jackys this past weekend
and she had one from her granddughter
and wanted to make some
so off to get some yarn and a needle
and ten minutes later I had this one done
he needs work and googly eyes but at least now
I know he can work up quickly for a bunch of them
if we want to make them

and these are done to this point
yes the deer quilt
now the black sash
then the center will be done and the borders and back 
can be next

while I was there, Jacky gave me these little beauties
I think she didnt have her glasses on 
so  I ran out of her house like a thief LOL
I mean really........
how gorgeous are these little pieces?
I see great potential 

and this cutie pie too
I see more Christmas box projects coming on

what have YOU been up to?


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Nice finds at Jackie's house. LOL I love shopping other people's stashes.

barbara woods said...

when sis moved up her and sold her other house she gave me bags of goodies and I am still messing with them