Friday, February 10, 2017

what do I want to do

Do I want to cut out my Allis Chalmer tractor? 
I do have the pumpkin oranges still out

do I want to play with squares?

strings and batting..........that sounds like fun
took batting scraps and made 5 inch squares
matched them with charms for back
then only rules are red in center and one dark side
one light
and I chain pieced
till I was tired

they multiply pretty quickly

then I played with layout
kind of like the bullseye one

oooo   a zig zag is lots of fun too!

more bullseye fun

half and half.........

diagonal stripes

pinwheel? kind of loses its affect doesnt it?

not sure which one I like the best
but will find a container for the strings and batting
pieces I will use for these
I am thinking I will join them
then back them (I know they already have a backing)
and tie them
we will see
I may find some ingenious way to sew
them together without backing and have a patchwork
of the 5 patches in back
we will see

just having fun in the sewing room is all.........
what are YOU doing?
PS I am happy to report
to Jacky mainly
that I have HEMMED  THREE pair of pants
and there are only THREE more to go
whoot whoot!

Jan goals getting done. 
I am a little behind ya think?

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Lady Jane said...

I love that little heart block!!! I like zig zag.... Hugs, LJ