Monday, March 20, 2017

a little snowday fun

the mega storm that was supposed to hit us
last Tues fizzled out
(I was happy- I got a day off work and ended up with little snow
and no collapsed roof)

so what is a gal to do when outside it is all white
and you cant see across the street?
so I picked up my batting squares and some red strips
and lights and darks and a 5 inch charm
and made a few more of these strings
still not sure how I will join them yet
but will keep plugging on
I am liking the zig zag pattern so far
as long as I keep red in the center I think it will 
work out 

so many little scraps and pieces in there
all memories of past projects
the back will be a challenge or not
maybe I will let the colors fall where they may
I am trying to use up some of the 
not so loved charms I have
ah hem......
purchased in the past
not sure why I bought them
just had to
(Jenny I tell you she twisted my arm
and held a gun to my head
and threatened  to take Dunkin
yeah she is a BAD woman LOL
yes did she tell you to get the cutting mat?
and the free batting if you spent so much?
so I got her sweatshirt and some other things
and who doesnt need a fresh new mat?
mine is almost cut thru to the back LOL)

but I quickly got bored with the snow.....
each time I looked outside
it was whiter and whiter
and I was afraid to lose power
so I set my mind to cutting up some of the points for the stars I
want to make out of my 16 patches
they are not perfect
but will be a perfect quilt

funny how your scraps when they are organized by
color can be so fun to play with LOL
good thing because once the bins go down a little
I have more to put in them LOL
oy vey

then when I got bored with that I grabbed the strings again
and sewed willy nilly just grabbing and sewing
it was fun
not sure what these will become yet
maybe one of those cool birch tree quilts
maybe just coins
maybe some zippy pouches or a tote bag
who knows
but for now they will sit in the sewing room
until I play with them again.

we ended up with about 6 inches total and the rain kind of
melted it away.
the next day was a little icy but once the sun came out
even though it was cold it kinda melted
things and they are more back to normal

we are lucky
NY and ME and some of the other states got slammed
hey Spring
where are ya?????

my friend Jacky
brought me some Spring..........

linking up with Beth of lovelaughquilt

4 comments: said...

Fabric play on a free day what could be better.

Julierose said...

What fun you had on the "Almost No Snow" day..;))) Like those zig-zag squares a lot...hugs, Julierose

Needled Mom said...

I love string blocks!

barbara woods said...

Beautiful flowers!maybe spring is here now.