Thursday, March 2, 2017

designing fabric

I found something else to play with. Yeah I KNOW........but I have been wanting to take my Moms recipes in her handwriting and make fabric to make linen towels for the nieces (her grands)
wouldnt that be an awesome gift along with some of my Moms old cookie cutters?
I think so.......
check it out

you can download anything that is not copyright and print it on fabric. and you can choose the type of fabric.   knit, linen, quilt cotton    so so fun
how fun to make some placemats of fabric designed by you......or the grandkids?

I e,mailed them to help this old lady do the recipe thing so I can order some and hem them into towels.  love love love that idea.

you can put pictures on fabric too. the files just have to be a certain size. thats where I have trouble with all that mumbo jumbo  jpg talk  but hoping they can teach this old dog new tricks.

go play and see what YOU can design