Thursday, March 23, 2017

drum roll please.........and the next farmgirl blocks are....

the farmgirl blocks for April are
Simple star block..........

here is mine cut out.
I am thinking the yellow for background
since all my backgrounds are differnt
I will sash them I think
we will see when I get further along.........

and Mama hem block

so two April blocks are Simple Star and Mama Hen

because I feel like I am so behind
I did my cherry block..........

and partially sewed my blueberry block LOL

gooseberries to come I think

So far our "official blocks" have been.......
Jan  cow and milkcan
Feb   strawberry and pumpkin
Mar barn and pears
April simple star and Mama hen

this is just a guide. I have been doing my blocks and if time
made two more 
a good way to keep motivated on this sometimes difficult 
to piece quilt

are YOU farming?


Jeanna said...

I have been waiting for this post LOL! I like your cherry blocks and can't wait to get to those.

I completed and blogged my March blocks...YAY! I made Mama Hen last year to I'll make Out to Pasture in its place. I will also have to make the Simple Star Block.

Thanks for keeping me on track, Dawn!

barbara woods said...

just got my pear done and the next ones I have already done the star. my book doesn't have blueberrys? said...

My farm is lying fallow. :(