Thursday, March 30, 2017

E i E I O and on his farm he had a ..........

I am so excited to show you the farms. we have a few participants and all the blocks are so adorable and different. how fun to put our own fabrics into the mix and make our personality shine thru......

Jan- was the cow and milkcan
Feb was the strawberry and pumpkin
Mar was the pear and the barn
Apr will be the star and the mother hen

so without further ado............lets see what Old McDonald had on his farms around blogland......

Julie of julierosequilts 
had her grandfathers farm
in the winter in mind
Her cow and blocks
are making a runner for her table
and are so adorable......

here is the back......

Barbara from  wonttobequilter 
had a hen get lost.
she wandered or did she cross the road?

so she made some pears and another hen
and maybe her hen will come back home. LOL

love her pears and fun chicken fabric

Our friend Colette from whataboutrheema 
 managed to make a 
friendship star with a heart

and an apple.......

Jenna  of slamminthescreendoor  made the barn. how cute are the
flowers in her windows!

the pumpkin is adorable too


old glory..........

and her pears. love this pear block
so so fun

and Kathy of  sunshinesews made this yummy cake!
love it

her quilt top is gorgeous and being put together

one of her barns
she made two

and her cow..........

these are my pears
the dark one is a bosc LOL
I am saving all the embroidery for the end

and for my barn I had trouble finding a red
I liked
so I found this pinkish red print
and thought ok
weathered barn
don't you look at the piece on the left
and tell me I put the fabric backwards
nope it is more weathered 
as that is the sunny side of the farm
(LOL thats my story and I'm stickin to it!)

but lookie! I wanted to put Moms fabric somewhere in my quilt
so I made my door 3d to open
to show the girls playing in the barn
and the boys teasing them. yep! just like 
on our farm. us girls were outnumbered LOL

once I finished them I was itching to sew more
so I sewed my cherry block
and liked them so much I cut out

some blueberries
they are partially sewn

gotta figure out how I can make some green
they have that little woody stem thing
so will see how I do with that..........

waiting on Jacky's farm..........

how fun to see all the creative blocks made

3 comments: said...

Great farms going girls.

Julierose said...

Ye--haw--fantastic farms em...hugs, Julierose (when did i get that accent??? lol)

Jeanna said...

I'm love everyone's blocks. We are truly farm girls now. Thanks for the encouragement!