Friday, March 3, 2017

here kitty kitty

I started with this idea and liked it
and was short some blocks so sewed some more
up during the week

then I put them down again and rearranged them to 
space out the colors
I sewed the sides kind of alternating
the red at the bottom and the red at the top right
to make the colors flow a little thru the top
Dunkin kept looking at the cats
and at one point even arched his back
as if to say this is MY house
I cracked up

but at least now I can iron out the borders
and then make the center part work
I think a little pink will need to be added
and that is fine
then I am hoping to do a little pink edge
all around to stabilize all those seams

hoping this one will be done soon and wrapped for Sat

 Sat will be crazy
in am, have hubs uncles funeral services and family time
then at night my family with the birthday
for the 60 year old
busy busy busy

why is it you go through the year with nothing
on the agenda then
EVERYTHING is on the same day or same week?

I am liking how this project came along 
kind of by accident
and guess what Sharon.......

so may need to make more of them
I have a navy blue one and orange one
saturated colors

I think someone is telling me 

maybe it is Dunkin praying for his quilt hee hee

3 comments: said...

That is turning out wonderful. I agree everything happens at the same time.

Julierose said...

Oh your kitties know good blocks when they see (er...lie) on them. This will be lovely...
sorry your Saturday will be a hurry-scurry one...take it easy as you can hugs, Julierose

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

I love that scrappy border. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!