Sunday, March 19, 2017

scraps, trash, stars and Mom

I love playing in the scraps
give me some scraps and I am a happy girl

see Jacky????
and I WILL throw it out
no keeping those teeny ones
I have no room LOL

Lookie what I accomplished with a little
sewing here and there
I sewed the blue one during the snowstorm
the purple one the next day
and one day both the orange and green one
because I wanted to see how a 
4 star baby quilt may look

the Momma loves color
so I am thinking the baby's room will
have lots of color
maybe white sashing with more colors as 2.5 cornerstones?
bring in a red, maybe turquoise, yellow?
we will see
then again maybe a border of the 2.5 colored blocks
in a single row
not sure yet
but am thinking this quilt and some bibs
and burp cloths will make a cute gift
saw a cute onesie online too I may need to 
said "I think I'll have the house white please"
she likes white wine 
so she may get a kick out of that
obviously the baby is talking milk  hee hee

this little one was sleeping so soundly
her nose was into the chair cushion
so hard I was afraid she couldnt breathe
too cute and she gets no
blog time like you know who.......ha ha

to all my farmgirl pals
I need your opinions......
this fabric is old
It was my MOMS
and I want to try and incorporate a  little
into the quilt somewhere
I was trying to see if I fussy cut
some of the kids if I could
put them in the barn block?
maybe instead of the door in the pattern?

any other ideas for some of the other blocks?


Julierose said...

Oh you have to use that one for sure--Maybe in the door--or maybe just a plain square of it bordered with a blue fabric to indicate playing on the farm? Lovely fabric--Now why don't they make patterns like that anymore? Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

beautiful fabric , is there enough for a border?

Jeanna said...

The stars will work great for a cheerful baby quilt.

I love the vintage fabric. I'm not sure the size of the children so hard for me to say how they would work in the farm girl blocks. I hope you find a way to make it work though.