Saturday, March 11, 2017

whats going on in the sewing room today...

this little booger got me up early by walking on my chest as 
I slept 
yeah FUN when you have a cold and are stuffed up
so I got up and fed the two kiddos
and meandered into the sewing room
Dunks followed me  and plopped his butt
in this bag of fabrics near the radiator LOL
dont let Mama sleep but hmmmm this looks
like a comfy place to rest right?

so I ironed these little beauties
that were extras from a secret project

Dunkin chose this color........

and Phoebe this one........
so that was done and I had to clean up the extra
someday I will make something with them
for now I am collecting them
from different projects

these are teeny ones
and some are bigger

then I decided to clean up my bins a little so took them out
color by color and organized it a bit
I have TWO blue bins
and they BOTH look like this
so the overflow on the right has no bin to call home
guess I better sew something huh

I took out scrappy pieces and cut some strips
and 2 1/2 squares
and put them in their "bins" LOL
ala blueberries and strawberries

 hey, these bins were "FREE"
so I use them for the tiny pieces and
for my leader enders

see?  this is the strippy type bin

this was part of the mess before I cut them up....
the two yellows on the right I am saving for my 
farmgirl vintage pear block I think

and I thought the movement was him waking up?
just a shift in position
or "fluffing up the bed"?
he is lucky he is cute huh........


Julierose said...

Cute kitty pictures; am mailing my secret project out today and then off to the grocery store to stock up before the next SNOWSTORM!! It's like the tundra here today--very windy and really cold..("...button up your overcoat, when the wind is free,take good care of yourself,la la laaa la la") good advice for you with your nasty hanging on-cold there. I sewed a few more hexie rosettes at midnight as I couldn't sleep thinking about our poor friend...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

Mine are ready but I will mail then Monday. Post office closed here