Sunday, April 30, 2017

farmgirl for April

the above blocks are mine. my little barred rock hen
hee hee
love her!

this is Jackys hen.......she is so so purty
in roses

Barbaras hen who got lost and crossed the road

and Jennas hen
she is a beauty isnt she? love it

she made an extra block because her hen was done

and her star block

these are the ones Colette has made
she is doing some of each size

so so fun to see these blocks in 
many different fabrics

gives them such fun personalities dont you think?

so remember.............

for MAY............

garden extra block

Image result for farmgirl postage stamp block

postage stamp

Image result for farmgirl egg basket blok

egg basket

do one, two or all three!
its your choice
your quilt

lets see what is on YOUR farm............

Saturday, April 29, 2017

34 years tomorrow

time sure flies doesnt it?
tomorrow I will be married 34 years

I know! I am only 29! LOL
I am consulting Phoebe on some celebration

for my superman

isnt he sweet? 
love him with all my heart......

should I get him flowers?   hmmmm

make his fav dessert?

bake a cake?

whatever we do, we will do it together
and have a great day........

Happy Anniversary honey!

Friday, April 28, 2017

May farmgirl blocks

and the May farmgirl blocks are..........

drumroll please........

egg basket
postage stamp
and this one for the gardeners out there.........
click the link and go here

aint she purty?
so for May........
pick one, two, or all three blocks.......

your choice  and post them by the 23rd of the month so I can gather them all up for my post.
I used to have a free linky but not sure if this new computer has the saved info for me to do it.
I will try later when I have a moment
if so I will just let you all link up like "normal" linky parties LOL
but who said I am NORMAL?????  ha ha


Image result for farmgirl postage stamp block  postage stamp.........

Image result for farmgirl egg basket blok

egg basket.

and the garden extra block above.......
cant wait to see them all!

gotta find a gray for my trowel. I may have to "gasp" buy some. not much gray in my stash........
hee hee   I am SURE my friend Jenny Doan will accommodate me LOL

heck maybe I should start on the postage stamp one. I know I have lots of 1 1/2 inch squares from cutting up the rest of the blocks..........hmmmmm
decisions decisions

(confession, I already cut out my purple and pink egg basket block)

dresdan love

this laptop is in dire need of quilting
the top has been finished for a long time
and I just love it

these guys are hiding in my room somewhere too
would like to find them and 
make something with them

this one was finished long ago and I think
at a craft fair
it was a quilt that I cut wrong
(used two different width rulers by accident)
so a runner was made and it was cleared 
out of the project line

this guy is made of denim weight fabrics
and I want to back it and tie it
love it too

I may need to put one little kitty to work

dont tell the labor board!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

getting my Christmas list ready.............

I am thinking of getting my 2017 list ready
so I can start those projects

my sewing buddy has two doxies
one brown one like this named Brody
and a black one named Max

Image result for doxie in sweater quilt

I bought this pattern to make for her
how adorable are they all in their

and the glasses..........
cuteness overload!

so I need to get at least one dog done to see
how it goes

worse case scenario a doxie  pillow would work too!

my purples and pinks bin runneth over
so I decided to do a little cutting and put the pieces into this
some 5 inch squares
and 2 1/2 inch strips

then I will make more of those purple and pink
blocks that I found 2 of
an make a girly quilt
I have one granddaughter so 
maybe she would like that this Christmas 
for her bed

I will alternate the pinks and purples
by making the center one color
and the outside another

the good thing about cutting up stash like this?
a new tin to store useable pieces in

see it it getting full already
from the strips that would be too small
for this project
but will work for another

are you planning for Christmas yet?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

hearts for a friend

theses hearts were made to comfort a friend

there was a call out for heart blocks
and a friend put them together in to a quilt.

to let her know we wanted to do something 
to comfort her

to show her our love and concern for her well being

the two above were from Dunkin and Phoebe

and this one was from me
it represents her teary heart
surrounding her husbands heart

she has been gifted the quilt
which you can see

we love you Colette!

I love this pattern and may make more of them
they are kinda fun to play with

color color

I bought a replacement for this guy
now just need to have someone dig out the 
stump for me so I can plant it

I love the purple spikes of it and was so sad
last year when it died on my
it is an old plant as the
base was very very woody and dried up
nothing there green at all.........

if you were this book in my sewing room.......
where would you be hiding?
I want to make some foxes out of scraps
and hedgehogs too
but nope.......cant find it

also these guys 
maybe they are all hanging out together?

love dresdans and this one
with the folded center star looks fun

more 2 1/2 inch squares for this 
will be cut

if I find this guy I want to make a tote bag
out of him
I will pull some similar blues and pinks
maybe and do up an easy totebag for
the grocery store
how fun is that?

and now.........
those farmgirls of you that still remain
sewing this quilt with us

what blocks would you like to do next?
egg basket?

would you like to do some of the
extra ones I gave you links for?

let me know and maybe we will choose
the two May blocks that way......

what cha say?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

more garden advantures

this was the front garden last year
right now the daffodils in the back are all in bloom
so pretty in a row of yellow
where this tower was last year I planted the lily
and another on the other side of the black pot
some purple viola in front for some color
later on I will be getting iris in deep purples coming out
the leaves are already there coming up

this ground cover is pretty but is kinda taking over
I want it on the other side
where the tree stump is
so I may be moving some to see if that can happen

this lily is coming up in the back too.
every year the cat next door used to lay in it
so I never got to see my flowers for long
hopefully with the front tree gone
he wont use it as a stakeout for birds

soon I will be getting my mosquito plants for the steps area
love these and they get so HUGE and fragrant
they smell like lemon so fresh and nice
and mosquitos hate them YAY

went looking to see if the hosta made it back again
I dont see it yet
am hoping it did
I want to have hosta inside the ring here

I also planted astilbe but that never came up
last year

right now if you looked at my side garden here
you would see my bunny
with some pink hyacinths behind him
and a lonely red tulip
with some yellow tulips I added
and on the right the hydrangea

see how pretty?

another angle showing the little grape hyacinths

the leaves of the clematis are coming out
and the yellow rose near the flag is
looking better this year too
I gave her a good dose of coffee and banana
last year

Monday, April 24, 2017

the weekend

was a busy busy weekend here
no sewing or sewing room fun........

took my car into garage Sat for oil change and to fix noise and a recall
went in at 8;30   LEFT AT 1;30
oh man!  almost $700 later..........

good thing while I was there I had some knitting to do!
I finished a blue dishcloth and started two more!

came home, ate lunch and was off again
for groceries
back around 4
then out again to get some birdseed that was on sale

the other thing I did was plant my
new plants outside on Sunday
it may be a little early but they will
come up again next year
I planted my huge Easter Lily in
the front
it was actually 3 plants!

also put the purple viola in front
wont that be pretty next Spring with
purple viola and yellow daffodils?

Viola Penny Denim Jump Up F1

then in the side garden I planted yellow tulips
and a hydrangea
so so pretty

Image result for yellow tulips

I looked at my lilac and in a week or so 
they should be in bloom
yay! LOVE lilac

then I saw the birds landing on my
red maple looking for food
I stopped planted for a bit and
got out my feeders and food
that I had just bought on Sat
and I was gifted with the sight of these
little pretties
so so cute

1 Qt Nyjer Forever Feeder

I have a feeling my allowance
will be going to the birds this year! 
but they are so cute and need to eat too

how was your weekend?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

dog tired.........or is that cat tired?

I have been cleaning out again
organizing things as I find them
so that when I have the urge to sew
I can grab and go

Dunkin got tired waiting for me I guess
so tired he was sleeping in my coffee! LOL

silly nut!

I have been looking for these
if memory serves me right I should have a box
of about 20 cut and sewn ready to put together with zippers
I think the zippers were already coordinated and pinned on
gotta dig a little deeper I guess

so then I wanted to look for my 365 circle project
I think mine will become half a year
and call it done
IF I can find it.....LOL
so...........moving on.........

I went looking for this
you followers remember back in 1842 when I started
this one right? a challenge to take a UFO block
and each time the row had a purpose
make a border
use triangles
use a color not used in the block
well this is where she stalled.........
and I dont know WHY
because I LOVE it
loving that border of 9patch
maybe I didnt have enough to keep making?
gotta find it and get er done
I am thinking after that border it should be almost a good lap 
size quilt

so then I FOUND these
this was 2 blocks from a day of play
took charms in purple and pink
and bordered them in 2 1/2 strips
easy peasy
I am thinking I was gonna make a girl 
small quilt
but not sure
I should finish it up and make for my 
I think she loves those colors
dont all little girls?
I certainly have lots of pink and purples
now that that is organized so I should get crackin!

I also found this
just need to add the two borders and quilt er up
another one to finish up quick

this one is put away to quilt.........
was a jelly roll race to see if I could do it
had an old jelly roll and just played one day
one day sewed them end to end
the next before work I sewed them up
wish I had seen the one where you add the little blocks 
of color to seperate them out
before I made it
but I still like it

did all this in my sewing pjs LOL

found this guy too 
ready to back and quilt
seems like lots of the tops need backings
maybe I should be doing scrappy backs huh?

and of course not finding what I was looking for........
I had to watch my mouth!
those bad words came out of nowhere
not much done but both Dunks and I am tired
MAYBE soon I can get more room in this
sewing room so I can breathe and get things done!