Wednesday, April 26, 2017

color color

I bought a replacement for this guy
now just need to have someone dig out the 
stump for me so I can plant it

I love the purple spikes of it and was so sad
last year when it died on my
it is an old plant as the
base was very very woody and dried up
nothing there green at all.........

if you were this book in my sewing room.......
where would you be hiding?
I want to make some foxes out of scraps
and hedgehogs too
but nope.......cant find it

also these guys 
maybe they are all hanging out together?

love dresdans and this one
with the folded center star looks fun

more 2 1/2 inch squares for this 
will be cut

if I find this guy I want to make a tote bag
out of him
I will pull some similar blues and pinks
maybe and do up an easy totebag for
the grocery store
how fun is that?

and now.........
those farmgirls of you that still remain
sewing this quilt with us

what blocks would you like to do next?
egg basket?

would you like to do some of the
extra ones I gave you links for?

let me know and maybe we will choose
the two May blocks that way......

what cha say?

3 comments: said...

Hey I can't help it O'leary's cow kicked over my barn and set fire to my farm right now. LOL

Jeanna said...

I still have so many blocks from the book that need to be completed so I would love for you to select the May blocks from the book....OR, maybe we do two blocks from the book and one of the extras? I'm good with whatever you decide.

I made a Goodnight Irene a few years ago. It was a quick one to put together.

barbara woods said...

waiting for the next blocks