Thursday, April 13, 2017

does size matter?

look at how large this berry is
I mean really?
I bet it doesnt have any taste

they make them so large so they can sell you like 5 berries
in a container

on the left is a "normal" one
I would rather have the small ones
(in case you didnt know if a container
is full of the smaller ones
there are less spaces and you 
get more berry for your buck.......just sayin
PLUS they taste better to me anyway)

Dunkin was not impressed.............

neither was Phoebe

2 comments: said...

So did they have any flavor? I have got so that I smell the carton if they don't smell like strawberries most of the time they are yucky. Funny story when Jeff and I went to Oregon a couple of years ago we were in the produce section of a store. This lady opened up about 30 strawberry containers, dumped them all out and proceeded to hand pick each and every strawberry for her 2 quart container. Jeff just looked at me in awe.

Julierose said...

Nothing seems to taste like it used to...imagination? I think not. All hybrids...
I hope to grow my own tomatoes this that they'll actually taste like hugs, Julierose