Sunday, April 23, 2017

dog tired.........or is that cat tired?

I have been cleaning out again
organizing things as I find them
so that when I have the urge to sew
I can grab and go

Dunkin got tired waiting for me I guess
so tired he was sleeping in my coffee! LOL

silly nut!

I have been looking for these
if memory serves me right I should have a box
of about 20 cut and sewn ready to put together with zippers
I think the zippers were already coordinated and pinned on
gotta dig a little deeper I guess

so then I wanted to look for my 365 circle project
I think mine will become half a year
and call it done
IF I can find it.....LOL
so...........moving on.........

I went looking for this
you followers remember back in 1842 when I started
this one right? a challenge to take a UFO block
and each time the row had a purpose
make a border
use triangles
use a color not used in the block
well this is where she stalled.........
and I dont know WHY
because I LOVE it
loving that border of 9patch
maybe I didnt have enough to keep making?
gotta find it and get er done
I am thinking after that border it should be almost a good lap 
size quilt

so then I FOUND these
this was 2 blocks from a day of play
took charms in purple and pink
and bordered them in 2 1/2 strips
easy peasy
I am thinking I was gonna make a girl 
small quilt
but not sure
I should finish it up and make for my 
I think she loves those colors
dont all little girls?
I certainly have lots of pink and purples
now that that is organized so I should get crackin!

I also found this
just need to add the two borders and quilt er up
another one to finish up quick

this one is put away to quilt.........
was a jelly roll race to see if I could do it
had an old jelly roll and just played one day
one day sewed them end to end
the next before work I sewed them up
wish I had seen the one where you add the little blocks 
of color to seperate them out
before I made it
but I still like it

did all this in my sewing pjs LOL

found this guy too 
ready to back and quilt
seems like lots of the tops need backings
maybe I should be doing scrappy backs huh?

and of course not finding what I was looking for........
I had to watch my mouth!
those bad words came out of nowhere
not much done but both Dunks and I am tired
MAYBE soon I can get more room in this
sewing room so I can breathe and get things done!

3 comments: said...

Lots of project possibilities there to pull out and work on.

Julierose said...

Boy you have some really neat projects going on there...I have begun hand quilting Dresdens--uuhhh an AWFUL lot of seams to be quilted...may switch over to machine instead--blistered thumb already!! Like dunkin, I am tired just thinkin about it...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

what are you using the dress in, or is it a t-shirt?