Sunday, April 30, 2017

farmgirl for April

the above blocks are mine. my little barred rock hen
hee hee
love her!

this is Jackys hen.......she is so so purty
in roses

Barbaras hen who got lost and crossed the road

and Jennas hen
she is a beauty isnt she? love it

she made an extra block because her hen was done

and her star block

these are the ones Colette has made
she is doing some of each size

so so fun to see these blocks in 
many different fabrics

gives them such fun personalities dont you think?

so remember.............

for MAY............

garden extra block

Image result for farmgirl postage stamp block

postage stamp

Image result for farmgirl egg basket blok

egg basket

do one, two or all three!
its your choice
your quilt

lets see what is on YOUR farm............

4 comments: said...

Awe they are all so great.

barbara woods said...

love the new block

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love all these blocks! They're all adorable!

Jeanna said...

Everyone's blocks are so nice. It truly is fun to see the different fabrics people select.