Sunday, April 9, 2017

found this when I cleaned

My Mom was making these many years ago
for my daughters cabbage patch doll
My daughter is now 40
This is a white fake leather coat with a 
psychedelic lining 

see? groovy man! LOL
I think it just needs the
eyelet fasteners
and to be hemmed

in the bag are also cut out pattern pieces
but no pattern to be found
not sure if I can figure them out
but will try my best

how cute is this little blouse of Christmas
fabrics and teeny ricrac?
love it!
it just needs the snaps to finish

see the cute little pleats

and I think this was to be a jumper kind of
dress with a bib pocket
not sure and not sure what other
pieces I may need to finish it
I will have to try and finish up
some of these doll clothes 
and see if they fit 
my granddaughters doll


Julierose said...

Oh how cute--hope they'll fit hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

those are3 cute, you need a baby to wear them said...

OH how fun to find an old project from someone loved and finish it up.

Jeanna said...

The coats for the cabbage patch dolls are a hoot!