Friday, April 21, 2017

got that.....check

my brother sent me some of these from Maine
these are birch discs to make ornaments out of
I want to do some wood burning on them
just not sure how to keep the
bark from curling off
guess I better start making them and
sealing them in some shellac or something

I found a "to do" list that I had made for the month
of April
so far so good
I made some 16 patch blocks
made my pear and barn FGV blocks
finished binding on a runner
finished off the 3 Spring Kaffe Fasset runners
and gifted them
if you notice I skipped right over the deer
I will set up my machine that came back
now that the 221 is out of a bobbin
and the deer sashing is NEXT

my Pat Sloan BOM has stopped for the moment
I love the blues of all the blocks I did
but will now decide whether I want to make
another block of each of the ones I did
or what
so it is on the back burner for now.
was just a fun thing but she did all kinds of weird sizes
and turned me off of the sewalong
I dont need any puzzles at the moment to finish up a quilt

but lookie what you find when you clean
I dont know what I was thinking
but this is a long strip of selvages sewn
I am thinking I will  make a bunch
of mugrugs with it
they are a good width for that
and the hard part is done already
just grab some scraps that are sewn and make the backs

this guy was in there too
so I trimmed him down to the 8 inch size I need
for that slab quilt
another block and I didnt even have to do 
too much work LOL

this was in there too
a folded bowtie pattern that I wrote 
the website to make them

good thing I am a listmaker!
all in all I am making progress........
some days it doesnt seem it
but that old saying
"slow and steady wins the race"
does have some truth to it

3 comments: said...

I have my list in my head, but I keep misplacing it.

barbara woods said...

I am trying to make my self finish some quilts but I keep doing little projects that get in my way.

Julierose said...

You're really doing well on your list. I am still on my two gift quilts--that were not on any list, but strangely just appeared and HAD TO BE MADE. Seems like lotsa that stuff is around hugs, Julierose